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Do you have problems teaching your dog to obey basic commands? Or maybe you want to hire a professional dog walker? Whatever your case may be, Dallas Dog Trainer is a company that can provide residents in the territory of Dallas TX with impeccable dog day care and training lessons. We have been working in the field since 1987 and during that time we have become the most rational choice for a dog trainer in the area. Whether you want to train your dog or find a reliable walker for the times you are away, we are the right choice for you.

Aug 22, 2012 by Katty

This was the second time Duncan has stayed in Dallas Dog Trainer. The pictures that they sends say he\'s having a good time while with them, and he comes home very content. We\'re happy!
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Dallas Dog Trainer
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We are a preferred place for dog boarding. Our gentle professionals know how to take good care of your dog and provide it with everything it needs. We are also experts at calming and teaching your canine friends good tricks and obedience. Do not bother researching for other dog boarding facilities and come to us. We have enormous experience with dogs and under our care, they will barely have the time to notice you Dog Trainer is a company that can provide residents in the territory of Dallas TX with impeccable dog day care.are missing.

No dog is too old for training. However, if you want to achieve reliable results, we suggest you turn to the right professionals and come to Dallas Dog Trainer for a professional lesson. As a dog trainer, we can offer you many possibilities to increase the level of understanding between you and your pet. Anything is possible if you dedicate yourself. From recognition of basic commands, such as “sit” and “catch” , to training that can allow your dog to compete at shows, we have the expertise to teach your beloved pet.

Come to us if you have a difficult dog that you want to make more obedient. Our dog obedience training program will teach your pet how to be your well mannered best friend. We can cure it of bad habits, such as nipping, excessive barking, jumping on people, digging in inappropriate places and other destructive behaviors. Teaching We are a preferred place for dog boarding.your canine friend a little dog obedience is very important if you want to experience the full joy of sharing your life with such a smart and lovely creature.

We know that sometimes you have to leave your dog to someone else. If you have no one to rely on for such an important task, turn to us and we will take excellent care of your dog. Our dog day care program will keep your friend entertained and healthy while you are away. We can also offer you our services as a dog walker to provide your pet with the so needed daily walks during the hours you are at work or otherwise occupied.

Come to our highly qualified professionals to provide your dog with excellent care for its training or the fixing of any issue. We can teach it to play games or perform special tricks and learn useful skills. We can also offer you an off leash training program or competition preparations. Whatever you need, Our dog obedience training program will teach your pet how to be your well mannered best friend.from obedience lessons to tracking and aggression control, we can provide you with it in a professional manner that will satisfy your needs. Enter our affordable step by step program and we will exceed your expectations.

Dallas Dog Trainer is a company that offers dog day care and training services for residents in the region of Dallas TX. We are prepared to help you with any issue your dog might be experiencing. Our services come at competitive rates and nutrition, health and behavior counseling are also included.

Contact us on (972) 824-8199 to make an appointment for an impeccable service.